CSI: The real reason the Riley Adams interpreter left the series revealed


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation grew into a large franchise, even today it continues to give a lot to talk about with its recent spin-off CSI: Vegas. In this large and long-running set of shows, it is normal that important characters end up leaving sooner than you would expect.

One of the cases that garnered the most attention was that of star Riley Adams (Lauren Lee Smith), who entered the show in the ninth season as a replacement for Warrick Brown’s (Gary Dourdan) team, and quickly proved to be an invaluable part. from the Las Vegas crime lab.

However, by the tenth season, Riley Adams no longer belonged to the show, and she had been transferred to another position due to her conflicts with Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger).

After her departure, CSI producer Naren Shankar spoke about her case, thus detailing: “It was a question of how we thought the group was working.” “When we brought in the character of Riley, he got a little lost in the confusion because we had lost Warrick, we had lost Sara, and then in the middle of last season, Grissom finally left. I think as a result, the character never he found his base in terms of the rest of the gang. ”

It seems that the character of actress Lauren Lee Smith never managed to fit in, however, this mishap was not her fault. Smith entered the cast when the rest of the CSI actors were having a hectic time.

Although we could not see her any longer to familiarize her with the rest of her classmates, in her place we saw Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), who ended up becoming one of the favorite characters of viewers from CBS.

Before resigning herself, Riley made a report to criticize Catherine’s leadership skills while simultaneously claiming that she feels the team is not working well together. In it, she is revealed that she was going to leave the team after accepting a job, where she was offered more opportunities. However, it was later announced that Lauren Lee Smith left her for failing to find a balance in her work schedule.