CSI: The last episode of Nick Stokes and with which his popular actor said goodbye


Nick Stokes (portrayed by George Eads) was one of the hair and fiber analysis experts at the CSI lab in Las Vegas from the show’s first season. The character gradually rose through the ranks as members Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) had left the team. However, fans continue to be surprised by the actor’s last appearance with his character on the show.

Actor George Eads had a great performance as Nick Stokes, who was an empathetic and sensitive member of the team, often displaying a caring attitude towards crime victims, including children and even animals. However, there is a particular story for which the actor and his character do not cease to be remembered.

During the season five finale of CSI, viewers saw Nick caught in a terrifying situation with the rest of the team, after being on a horrific murder investigation, he is hit from behind and knocked unconscious. Upon awakening, he finds himself locked up and buried in a glass coffin with a gun, some glow sticks, and a tape recorder that contained audio announcing his death.

With Nick’s terrified air supply running low, Grissom rushes to make the million-dollar ransom payment, but the trail goes cold when the kidnapper detonates a suicide vest without revealing Nick’s location. It is here when the actor performs a magnificent performance of despair and anguish for which his character lives. In fact, Eads received critical acclaim for his role in this fifth installment finale.

Currently, George Eads has been participating in different television programs such as MacGyver, a television special entitled, Michael Jackson’s Halloween and in the NBC television drama, This Is Us, playing the football coach for several episodes. In addition to participating in the 2019 film, The Battle of Jangsari.

Since his last appearance on CSI, fans who enjoyed Eads’ great performance in the series have closely followed his work, acknowledging his great skills for plots that deal with action and suspense. Reason for which, many hope to continue seeing the star in new projects of the different television networks for which he has previously worked.