CSI Miami: What was suspected of one of the best kept secrets in fiction


The famous series CSI Miami was famous because, despite some well-known ups and downs in the ratings, it not only managed to stay on the air for 10 seasons and more than 200 episodes, but also for conquering, with great talent, an important fan base around the world who are still interested. in everything related to its production in front of and behind the cameras, regardless of the fact that the program has not broadcast new episodes for exactly a decade, since it ended on April 8, 2012.

The success of the CSI Miami series since its debut, as one of the most popular shows in the trilogy that began with CSI: Las Vegas in 2000 and was later completed with CSI: New York in 2004, still resonates with fans to this day. today especially in what has to do with his anecdotes and most interesting details related to his production, especially with those that are considered the keys to his success.

CSI Miami is remembered as one of the most watched pioneering police series on the subject of forensic investigation in the world. One of the characteristics that stands out from the rest of the shows of its kind is that over time it had a large and varied cast led by actor David Caruso in the role of the iconic Lieutenant Horatio Caine, as the head of a elite team of specialists in solving crimes that do their job surrounded by the fantastic sceneries of the Miami beaches.

The constant repetitions of the CSI Miami episodes have brought with them new generations of viewers who are largely unaware of many details surrounding its production and which have been commented on in the past by its most loyal fans who have followed the series since its inception. beginnings. There are several that from time to time surprise and become the subject of comments on social networks, as is the case of the site where the series was recorded.

Younger audiences who enjoy the old episodes of CSI Miami, surely suspected the real place where the filming takes place if they were curious enough to investigate a little more about the behind the scenes of the show, as in reality the bulk of the entire show is It was developed in the city of Los Angeles and that the most emblematic and recognized scenes in the promotional trailers and the introduction of the series were actually recorded in the most characteristic places in the city of Miami, but the rest was done on the beaches of California.

The truth is that the protagonists of CSI Miami filmed almost all of their exterior scenes in the South Bay of Los Angeles, in addition to locations such as Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Long Beach that remain in the state of California. While the interior shots took place at Raleigh Manhattan Studios in SoCal, even the exterior shots of the major crime lab, originally the headquarters of SkyOne Federal Credit Union, are located in Hawthorne, also California.