CSI: Actress Jorja Fox Explains Why Fans Dislike Her Role


Many of the viewers who have been watching Jorja Fox’s work as Sara Sidle on the CBS series CSI have recognized her great performance, however, there is another group of fans who have been questioning the actress for a long time. Reason why the star decided to talk about it in one of her interviews. Explaining the reasons why she has lasted so long on the program.

Jorja Fox plays crime lab crime scene investigator Sara Sidle, one of the biggest stories CSI has shown is her relationship with her colleague. and superior Gil Grissom (William Petersen). Which viewers continued to see in the sequel series and continuation of the same that is broadcasting the CBS television network, CSI: Vegas.

In addition to Jorja Fox’s appearance on the new CBS show, CSI: Vegas, the return of various cast members from the original series, including William Petersen, Paul Guilfoyle and many others, has also been shown. However, Fox’s character has divided public opinion, which is why they consider that she should not be in season 2 that is in production.

While her drive and tenacity in pursuit of the truth are admirable qualities, the perfectionist who sometimes walks the fine line between self-confidence and arrogance is arguably less appealing to viewers of the franchise. CSI. But, the interview that the star had in the past seems to clarify the opinion of the fans a bit.

During an interview in 2015 for Entertainment Weekly, actress Jorja Fox stated that her character is the least loved of CSI, because she has an affair with Gil Grissom, who has been the main face of the show since its first season and continues to be. on CSI: Vegas:

“I think Sara is the least loved character on the show. As much as she has a lot of fans, I think she has more who don’t like her.”

“Obviously, Sara had her sights set on Grissom. She’s our leading man and all eyes see the lab through Grissom, especially during the first nine seasons of CSI.”

The interesting twist regarding Sara’s relationship with Grissom, specifically in the original series, is that while he is a brilliant mastermind, he presents a number of challenges as a partner, but Sara is the one receiving the backlash from fans of CSI.

Despite the criticism that the actress has received playing Sara Sidle, she has assured that she prefers to take them as a compliment, and they give her the necessary strength to continue participating in the incredible universe of CSI. Both Jorja Fox and William Petersen are expected to return for Season 2 of the new show, CSI: Vegas.