Is reliable? See how the site works and if it is safe


CSGOPolygon is a betting site inspired by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). Valve’s FPS is one of the most popular computer games in the world, so there are many auction portals that use their skins and items. Some sites, however, can be dangerous and used to scam. Below, see if CSGOPolygon is safe and how it works.

Before it is important to remember games of chance are prohibited in Brazil according to article 50 of Law 3688/41. The Law, however, allows Brazilians to access sites hosted on domains from other countries. This is the case with CSGOPolygon.

What is the website?
The basic operation of the website is: the user deposits skins and earns credits in exchange for them. These credits, in turn, are used in casino-style betting roulette. Bets are placed in real time on the website and all winners are known at the same time, making it possible to multiply your winnings by betting on the red, black and green colors of the roulette wheel. At the beginning of every game, you can see how the payout rate and winning odds are, which guarantees more profits for those who bet on the underdog.

Credits are worthless in real life and can only be used in exchange for CS: GO items on the website’s public store. For comparison purposes, 1000 CSGOPolygon credits are equivalent to approximately R $ 5.30 in total value of items (in April 2020). Your Steam inventory must be set to public, as the site pulls items from your machine’s cache to place bets.

He’s reliable?
To ensure your security, we tested CSGOPolygon on three different antiviruses and found no suspicious occurrences, so there is no malware or any code that can clone your account data on the site. In the Steam communities, the site has mostly positive ratings, although some players report occasional wagering problems and rare failures when redeeming credits for system errors.

Considering the bad reputation of competing sites, which often apply scams, do not deliver items or steal player data, CSGOPolygon is one of the best and safest options. However, it is important to note that the site is considered a game of chance, again.

What makes it reliable?
Unlike its competitors, CSGOPolygon guarantees that bets are always fair, since it uses the Provably Fair system, which uses cryptography to make sure that the numbers generated in the draw are always random, with no chance of tampering by anyone.

Player feedback is very positive on discussion forums, such as Reddit, and on social networks, such as Twitter, where CSGOPolygon accumulates more than 48,000 followers and occasionally distributes bonus items and codes.


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