CS:GO Officially Receives Paid Statistics Service


CS: GO, Valve has announced the start of a new service entirely aimed at players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: an official statistics system that has received the name CS: GO 360 Stats.

According to the information released, the service in question will offer players for the monthly price of US $ 1 (with today’s price without taxes or taxes, about R $ 5.40) access to data in Competitive, Premier and Wingman, in addition to the Round Win Chance report introduced in Operation Broken Fang. Once signed, it will be automatically renewed, and a manual cancellation is required to suspend it.

A detail worth mentioning is the fact that after payment, the company does not make any kind of refund of the amount – that is, if a player is caught cheating four days after signing, for example, it will be impossible to get the money invested for the remainder of the period in question.


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