CS: GO’s new feature causes enemies to appear despite obstacles


The new feature that came to CS: GO in the past days and makes the characters look clearer causes a big mistake. Players can easily see the outline of their opponents despite obstacles.

Valve recently brought a new update to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which has not been out of date for years. With the update, several improvements were added to CS: GO. One of the most popular among these innovations was the setting that allows players to see other players more comfortably.

Thanks to this feature that can be turned on and off from the settings of the game, players could see the opponents much more clearly. In other words, regardless of distant or close, the opponent could not be more difficult to see for reasons such as background colors, but this new setting also caused some problems in the game.

Enemies can be seen despite the obstacles:

Many CS: GO players shared small, but very important mistakes they encountered along with the newcomer set through Reddit and similar platforms. Thanks to these errors, players could easily see the outline of enemies behind a wall or fog.

These errors, which would cause a big problem, especially in competitive matches, did not always occur according to the players who shared the errors, but when this error occurred and the same error was not seen again, some players who watched their enemies by using the error could face the risk of being banned for a reason such as unfairly using a wall trick. .

With the new update to CS: GO, Valve actually made a small explanation about this feature, which makes it easier for characters to appear. Valve said in their shared blog post that they knew they had to do more about this feature.

Many users who encountered the error sent this error to Valve, but there is currently no information about when Valve will release a new update. Likewise, the fact that some players will be unfairly banned remains because of the error.


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