CS: GO Stash: how to see skin prices and find cheaper AWP and M4A4


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) has a market for skins for weapons that can be sold for more than R $ 150 thousand, depending on its rarity. To find the best prices, there are unofficial Valve websites. CS: GO Stash is a portal that compares Steam Market and BitSkins prices and statistics. Thus, the user sees the values ​​of cosmetic items quickly and updated. See below for everything about CS: GO Stash and how to check prices on the platform.

What is CS: GO Stash?
CS: GO Stash is a free platform where users can check and compare the price of skins on CS: GO. It works as a facilitator in looking for the best price on the skin market. On the website, you can also search for skin condition and stickers for teams and championships. CS: GO Stash also makes the average price of items available on the Steam Market itself, so that the user can compare the price on the official market with the price on alternative sites, such as BitSkins. Prices can be converted to the Brazilian currency (real) within the website itself.

Is CS: GO Stash reliable?
The platform is an excellent place to monitor the price fluctuations of skins. Each skin has detailed information. It is possible to check the number of items available for purchase on Steam Market and the number of sales made in the last 24 hours, as prices are constantly updated. In addition, for players to keep up with price fluctuations in the market, the site offers the lowest price on Steam Market and the average price of the item in the last 24 hours. There, users can compare with the prices of BitSkins, one of the main sites for selling skins for CS: GO.

Searching for skins in CS: GO Stash
Step 1. Access CS: GO Stash (http://csgostash.com). Then, type the name of the desired skin in the search bar and confirm;

Step 2. On the skin page, the prices are on the right side. By clicking, you will be redirected to the Steam Market or BitSkins. You can mouse over the buttons corresponding to the skin’s conservation level to check its status in different states.


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