CS: GO new update details and full patch notes


CS: GO new update details have arrived. A new update and full patch notes have been released for Valve’s famous shooter-competitive game Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO). This patch brings many innovations, from maps to new chicken improvements.

New CS: GO update details

Snakebite safe

The new update introduced the Snakebite Case, designed by the community and containing 17 weapon skins. It also includes the Broken Fang glove set as rare special items.

Operation Broken Fang

With the new CS: GO  update, the Operation Broken Fang event has ended. If you have the collected stars, you have been given until May 15 to spend them. In addition, a new subscription service has been announced for players who want to continue collecting official competitive and companion statistics.

Other updates

The visual model of chickens has been further improved with the final patch. Fixed an issue where community maps were showing black as a result of previous security fixes. Along with this, additional security and stability improvements have come. In addition, the ability to play Grind and Mocha, Apollo, Engage and Anubis maps without rank (without rank) has been added.

A new route was created from CT (Anti Terrorist team) to area A to the Ancient map. A new T (Terrorist team) entry has been added in the middle of the map. In addition, a skylight opening to area A in the T tunnel was included in the map.

On the Frostbite map, interior lighting has been renewed. Fixed the issue where delivery drones on the map would get stuck in the lower right corner of the map. The problem of rare loot spawning within the land in inaccessible areas has been eliminated. The appearance of the ice texture has been improved when the shading detail is set to medium or lower. Also, a sound effect has been added to the server room.

CS: GO continues to provide a lot of convenience to the players with the update it brings periodically. Do you find these updates and innovations enough? Do not neglect to state your thoughts in the comments section.


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