CS: GO: MIBR loses to Wisła Kraków


MIBR lost to Wisła Kraków and is out of Nine to Five # 3, a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament (CS: GO). The series, which took place on the morning of Tuesday (25), was the debut of the Brazilians in the competition, but has already been valid for the quarterfinals. Although MIBR started the series confirming their favoritism and showing a certain superiority, Wisła Kraków showed an excellent CS: GO and sought a 2-1 turn in the confrontation. The partials were 16-11, at Mirage, 13-16, at Train, and 9-16, at Inferno.

At Mirage, MIBR showed superiority over Wisla in the first half. With a very solid CT, the Brazilians did not give space for the Poles to work and opened a large advantage without difficulties. Wisla changed its stance at the side turn and reached six consecutive rounds, but MIBR had the advantage in its favor, managed and won by 16-11.

In Train, Wisla showed a very strong CT side and had beautiful plays by Olek “hades” Miskiewicz to open a 12-3 advantage in the first half. MIBR still tried to react, but the Poles managed the advantage and closed the map in 16-13.

Finally, in Inferno, a very balanced first half. The Poles came to punish a forced round of the MIBR and had the chance to open a big advantage, but the Brazilians recovered to reduce the loss in an 8-7. In the turn of the sides, MIBR had the chance of the turn with the victory in the pistol, but Wisla sought a forced round and got the space to acquire an even greater advantage. The Brazilians failed to react and ended up losing to Inferno by 16-10.

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Nine to Five # 3 was one of the competitions that MIBR is participating in while training in Serbia. Along with Heroic, North and Team Spirit, the Brazilians were invited to play directly in the quarterfinals. With the elimination, MIBR’s next commitment is at Eden Arena: Malta Vibes. His debut is scheduled for Thursday (27), at 7 am, in Brasília time, against HellRaisers.


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