CS: GO: MIBR loses to Mad Lions and is out of Eden Arena


MIBR was defeated by MAD Lions and is eliminated from Eden Arena: Malta Vibes, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) tournament.

The best series of three matches (MD3), which took place this Saturday morning (29), was not the one expected by MIBR and ended up being another day to be forgotten. MAD Lions, which is trained by the Brazilian Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu, dominated the confrontation from end to end and gave no chance of reaction for the Brazilians. In the end, a tough 2-0 loss, partial 16-1, on Train, and 16-6, on Vertigo.

MIBR chose Train to start the series. It is a comfortable choice for Brazilians, but it ended up not working this time. Despite a beautiful clutch by Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo to guarantee the first round and a 1-1 draw, MAD Lions no longer let MIBR breathe on Train. The game ended up being quite one-sided, and the Brazilians suffered a severe defeat by 16-1 in this first game of the series.

At Vertigo, MIBR started by winning the first pistol, but MAD managed to take the next round with eagles and soon forced an economic Brazilian. Again, MAD distanced itself on the scoreboard, but this time, MIBR managed to show a small reaction in the final rounds, and half ended 11-4. As CT, MIBR showed signs that it could seek a turnaround in the beginning, but failed to score the recovery and ended up defeated 16-6 at Vertigo.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes was another competition in which MIBR participated while training in Serbia. In addition to MAD Lions, the tournament also features teams known as Dignitas and forZe. The total prize pool is US $ 40 thousand (about R $ 215 thousand) and the grand final is scheduled to take place on Sunday (30).

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