CS: GO: MIBR curtain coin a forZe na Eden Arena


MIBR lost to forZe through Eden Arena: Malta Vibes, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) tournament, in a series that was worth a place in the playoffs.

The clash, which took place on Thursday (27), was balanced, even counting with overtime, but forZe was superior in the end and ended up winning by 2-0, partials of 19-16 at Mirage, and 16-9 at Hell. The result plays MIBR for a series of elimination from Group C, which takes place this Thursday at 3pm, Brasília time, against the winner of the confrontation between HellRaisers and Gambit Youngsters.

Earlier, the Brazilians had already debuted with victory against HellRaisers in a series of unique maps. The victory came smoothly by 16-10, on Train, and featured a moment of fairplay on the part of MIBR, which failed to win a round when realizing that an opponent player had fallen out of the game.

The first map, Mirage, showed a great balance between the two teams. While MIBR had good plays by Alencar “trk” Rossato and Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, forZe appeared well with Bogdan “xsepower” Chernikov, who frustrated many rounds of Brazilians. MIBR had opportunities to acquire a greater advantage on the map, but defeats in some economic rounds from forZe ended up weighing heavily and helped to take the game overtime. In the end, the Russians overcame the Brazilians and won the Mirage 19-16.

Finally, in Inferno, MIBR started dominating the confrontation, opening 3-0 on the scoreboard. Soon after, a brief pause for server changes, which was used by forZe to review the strategy and guarantee two rounds in the return. The game continued to be very balanced, and the half ended with the minimum advantage for the Brazilians, 8-7. As a TR, MIBR secured the second pistol, but forZe succeeded in a forced round and acquired the advantage it needed. Again, xsepower was a huge stumbling block for MIBR and was crucial in ensuring forZe’s 16-9 victory in Inferno.

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