CS 1.6 maps are back in CS: GO; know how to play


In a year of many challenges for all, Intel, which always supports activities that give that strength to face the difficulties of the current scenario, created an action for gamers who miss the times that never come back (or at least never came back) ). In partnership with the Gamers Club, Intel is promoting two actions that will hit the nostalgia of Counter-Strike players, the darling and popular CS.

In the first half of 2020, we had an online championship at Gamers Club for all game lovers who want to test their skills. This time, with the focus again on the competitive CS: GO, the company wants to offer another opportunity for players to evaluate their skills, giving amateur teams a chance to become more professional.

Old is cool: the return of classic maps

If you are an old player, you should remember scenarios like aztec, de_rio and pool_day. These were just some of the maps that made history in CS 1.6 at that time when we spent hours in lan houses spending the night on frag nights (the famous owls).

To achieve full nostalgia, Intel will relive classic Counter-Strike maps in 1×1 and 2×2 challenges on Gamers Club servers. The revitalized scenarios for CS: GO will be the longing:

Fy_poolday (original version)

Fy_iceworld (original version)

From _aztec (adapted version)

Cs_ rio (adapted version)

The 1×1 and 2×2 challenges will be open to the public and the scenarios will be available between the 16th and 22nd of November. The idea could not be better: having the opportunity to revisit classic maps is a great way to challenge those of your friend who was a camper at gambling or very noob at the time of CS 1.6.

Power Challenge: the chance to professionalize gambling

Do you have an amateur CS team? Register for the Power Challenge.
Do you have an amateur CS team? Register for the Power Challenge.
Source: Intel

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Intel also wants to help players who want to become professionals, so it is promoting a new edition of the championship in partnership with Gamers Club, this time called the Power Challenge. In this competition, amateur teams (of users subscribing to the Gamers Club platform) will be gathered who have the dream of playing CS: GO in a more serious way.

The Power Challenge will take place on November 22 on the Gamers Club server. The final will be broadcast and narrated by Bida, a professional eSports narrator, mainly from CS: GO. Players who win will have the opportunity to improve their skills with a kind of tutoring with pro-players. Names like bit1, yel and nak will participate in this training, sharing their experiences with amateurs who want to move up to the next level.

Registration to participate in the Power Challenge started on November 13 and will end on the tournament date, on November 22. If you have an amateur CS team and want to test the skill of the crowd, visit this link for more information and to register.

Intel, preference among players

The challenge is launched. Intel wants to help reveal new eSports talent and make many players’ dreams a reality. In addition to these incentives, the company has the latest Intel® Core ™ processors for gamers to enjoy the power and performance needed to play, stream and record.


Are you interested in these actions organized by Intel? Then visit this link and find out what you need to do to register and participate.


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