Crytek would already be working on a new sandbox game


Crytek is already working on its next project. According to rumors, the future title will be another sandbox of the company, which became popularly known for producing classics of the genre, such as the first Far Cry and Crysis.

The rumors started with a vacancy for the company. Among the requirements are the obligation to have more than 2 years in the game industry as a Designer, the ability to create high-level documentation for game models and 1 or more AAA titles sent, preferably FPS.

In addition to the vacancy, other rumors on the internet point to the development of the expansion of the Crysis universe. One is about the creation of a battle royale mode, and the other about a new and unprecedented VR version of the franchise.

The company’s last job was the remastering of the first Crysis, which was launched in the second half of last year.

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