Crytek Battle Royale game has been leaked!


Crytek’s internal documents, the developer studio of the much-loved Crysis game, have recently leaked hundreds of GB of data by hackers. From the documentation of the German developers, he learned about the plans to create at least 5 projects. Crytek Battle Royale game was leaked by hackers.

Hackers leaked 5 projects including Crytek Battle Royale game

Germany-based game developer company known for Crysis games; Crytek may be working on several new projects. This company, known for Far Cry’s first game and Crysis games, according to the leaked information; He is working on Rome Next, Hunt Mobile, Crysis VR, Robinson II and Crysis Next Battle Royale game.

The source of these claims is the documents leaked from the Crytek game studio. A ransomware gang named Egreror claimed that Crytek uncovered data from its internal networks.

crytek battle royale

The status of any of these games is currently unknown. Perhaps these are just ideas for the future. Considering the Hunt Showdown’s ongoing updates, there is a possibility that the team will build and launch 5 projects simultaneously.

However, Crysis Next Battle Royale is about 100-player war game with visual customization, adaptive nanosuit capabilities, and visually stunning battles as documented.
Before the release of Crysis Remaster on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Crytek updated the Crysis Wars brand. Perhaps this brand can be used for an upcoming game.


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