Crysis Remastered Released For Xbox One, PC and PS4


Crytek released the Remastered version of Crysis, which it released in 2007, for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Based on the story of the original game, Crysis Remastered seems to be able to attract the attention of players with its relatively affordable price.

The renewed “Remastered” version of the Crysis legend, which especially the gamers in our country follow closely, has finally been released. The game, which can now be purchased by PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players, seems to be able to attract the attention of the players with its relatively affordable price.

Crysis, with Turkish names behind it, was first released in 2007. The main thing that made this game special at that time was that it had Turkish voice support. In other words, the players were able to play this game completely in Turkish. While the passing years are not enough to make the game forget, the renewed version of the game, which is engraved in memory, also has Turkish voice support.

Crysis made a tremendous impact with its graphics during its launch. Because the game had a graphics quality beyond the age for that period. The Crytek team attached great importance to the same point in Crysis Remastered. According to the developers, the renewed version of the game will also impress you with its unique graphic quality.

Crysis Remastered is the kind that PC gamers will like most. Because this game already has Nvidia’s ray tracing technology. In addition, DLSS technology, also owned by Nvidia, which can play an image as if it is in higher resolution, will be added to Crysis Remastered in the future. In addition to all these, PC gamers will push the “Can it Run Crysis?” It will have a custom setting mode named. This will allow players to reach the highest quality they can get from Crysis Remastered.

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Crysis Remastered’s system requirements are of the kind that will upset gamers

Crysis Remastered, published exclusively for Epic Games for the time being on the PC platform, will upset many players with its system requirements. Because Crytek’s recommended system requirements for this game include a 7th generation Intel processor (or AMD Ryzen 5), 12 GB of RAM, and in addition to these, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (or AMD Radeon Vega 56) graphics card. Also, you need to have 20 GB of free space on your storage unit. You can find more detailed information about the minimum and recommended system requirements from the link here.

How much does Crysis Remastered cost?

The game, which re-introduces our past Crysis experience with new generation technologies, can be purchased for TL 133.99 for the PC. PlayStation 4 players, on the other hand, have to pay 139 TL to have this game. Xbox One players, on the other hand, are a bit luckier than PC and PS4 players. Because the Xbox One version of the game was offered for sale for 85 TL. You can make your purchase using the link here for the PC version of the game, here for the Xbox One version, and here for the PlayStation 4 version.

The official trailer of Crysis Remastered released today


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