Crysis Remastered is coming! Here is the new date


Crysis fans were eagerly awaited for the release of the Remastered version on July 1, due to some technical problems, the game could not be released. Released for Nintendo Switch, the game signaled that it is now ready for other platforms. But when will the highly anticipated game be introduced?

When will Crysis Remastered be introduced?

The legendary game, which is expected to appear with significant visual improvements, managed to impress many players even on the Switch version. Although the fans’ expectations of the new game are not met, it will be possible to experience a visually renewed nostalgia with Remastered.

Crysis official account, which recently announced on Twitter, showed the date of September 18 as the date of introduction. In this revamped version, we learn that high quality texture overlays in 8K resolution and unexpectedly ray tracing technology will also come.

At the moment, it has not been revealed how other improvements have been made to the Remastered game. Crysis site also has examples of gameplay videos taken from the Nintendo Switch platform. However, the use of this new technology called ray tracing, which is developed by Nvidia, shows that the game will have much more realistic graphics. Of course, with this technology support, Crysis Remastered system requirements can also be realized above expectations.

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At first glance, it is a matter of curiosity how to determine a price policy for Remastered, which seems to have gained the graphics quality of modern games. Remastered, the renewed version of the first game, may also be the recipe for financial salvation for Crytek, which has had a hard time in recent years.


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