Crysis Remastered dazzles in its new 8K technical trailer


Crytek shares a new technical video trailer showing their new 8K remaster that will excite fans of compatible display graphics.

Crysis Remastered is about to arrive in its version for PC, PS4 and Xbox One after the soulless launch on Nintendo Switch last July, now showing all its graphic potential, especially on computers with hardware to match. So much so, that Crytek has shared a spectacular new technical trailer at a resolution of 8K, a technology reserved for a lucky few with equipment capable of moving these configurations (including a compatible screen, of course) and that gives everything in this new video trailer, boasting totally amazing definition and effects.

If you have 8K screen, enjoy

Thus, for those who do not have an 8K screen in their possession, they can see this new trailer at a standard resolution of 1080p through the video clip that heads this news; However, those who can enjoy all its splendor at such a high resolution can now view said technical trailer through the official Crysis channel, taking full advantage of both this resolution and the carousel of graphic effects that the game boasts on a high-end PC.

Thus, and through the graphic configuration known as Can it run Crysis ?, Crytek dazzles fans through a series of graphic effects such as ultra-realistic global lighting, refracted lights, ultra HD textures, greatly enhanced particle effects, all kinds of reflections in real time, greater depth of field and ray tracing, in addition to the already mentioned 8K resolution; quite a visual spectacle only capable of running on hardware configurations with the latest components.

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