CryptoWhale: “Ripple Will Perform Better Than Bitcoin”


Ripple’s native cryptocurrency XRP is the most promising project for long-term investors, backed by its cutting-edge technology against Bitcoin (BTC) and its weight in monitoring the regulations of digital assets, according to renowned investor and trade advisor CryptoWhale.

CryptoWhale, who is not biased about cryptocurrencies and does not act emotionally, likes to give trading advice and often criticizes the overvaluation of digital assets, occasionally criticizes XRP.

Finally, with his post on Twitter, he stated that XRP is better than Bitcoin for long-term investment and will eventually beat BTC, which will be doomed to failure.

XRP Is Better Than Bitcoin

Compared to Bitcoin, CryptoWhale claimed that XRP’s 3 to 4-second transaction speed was 1000 times faster, cheaper, more scalable, and better for the environment, compared to Bitcoin’s 10-minute transaction speed.

“XRP is a digital asset that uses distributed ledger technology like Bitcoin, but that’s where the similarity ends.”

In addition, CryptoWhale stated that XRP’s affiliate Ripple is continuing to make regulations to make the crypto money more affordable and is doing things right.

“Ripple is the only company on the market pressuring to actively regulate. They are also working closely with government agencies to ensure they are fully compliant. This gives XRP a huge advantage over other altcoins that will eventually disappear. ”

Ripple is the first distributed accounting technology (DLT) company to be a member of the ISO 20022 standard, a global regulatory framework that aims to shape the future of cross-border payments.

Why XRP Is Not Realizing The Expected Rise

According to CryptoWahle, 79% of investors fell victim to FOMO in 2017, and many investors bought XRP at an inflated price of $ 2.50.

“Many people started to hate XRP for losing money, which subconsciously created a negative bias for cryptocurrency.”

Along with investor losses, the cryptocurrency community strongly opposes XRP because of its high levels of centralization, which they think are harming the evolution of decentralized finance.

In a previous statement, CryptoWhale also stated that Ripple is not trying to change the banking system, but only trying to integrate its technology into banks to facilitate the current banking process. For this reason, despite the prevailing opinions in the cryptocurrency community, XRP has managed to survive despite its poor performance over the years.


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