Cryptopia employee stole $ 250,000 of crypto


It was determined that the employee of the cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, which went bankrupt last year, stole 250 thousand dollars of crypto money just before the stock market was hacked.

A former employee of the cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, which collapsed in New Zealand last year, reportedly stole $ 250,000 worth of cryptocurrency just before the stock market was hacked. The local police spokesperson also confirmed the developments.

While the police catch this person after a while, the thief’s name is kept secret. Grant Thornton, who was appointed head of the company due to the poor state of the stock market and bankruptcy, said that the theft was done before he took up his new job and immediately contacted the police.

Also stole user information

It is stated that the defendant, who will be at his new hearing a month later, stole user information in addition to 246 thousand dollars of crypto money. Stolen crypto assets were returned to bankruptcy officers. In a statement made by the police, it was also stated that the accused was not involved in the cyber attack on the company in January last year, which resulted in the theft of $ 24 million in funds.

170 million dollars of assets and 800 thousand active users

Cryptopia was one of New Zealand and the world’s major stock exchanges. Founded in 2014, the company has recently had a group of 100 employees. The stock market, which reached a mass of 170 million dollars in crypto assets and 800 thousand active customers, was hacked last year and a fund corresponding to 15 percent of the total assets was stolen. After the incident, the company decided to shut down and to liquidate the assets. Four months after the cyber attack, Grant Thornton, who was responsible for this situation, was appointed.

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