Cryptocurrency wallet in Switzerland from banking giant BBVA


The Swiss arm of Spanish banking firm BBVA has launched a new digital investment account called “Next Gen” that will allow clients to invest in a variety of innovative sectors, including cryptocurrencies. The bank also offers a cryptocurrency wallet as part of this account.


Javier Rubio, director of customer solutions at BBVA Switzerland, said: “With Next Gen, we want to reach investors who are interested in new industries that have great potential to transform the future.” says.

Next Gen will also include a cryptocurrency wallet that customers can use to store their Bitcoins and buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The wallet, where customers can monitor their other assets, funds and investments, will also be fully integrated with the bank’s mobile application. It is stated that the integration of the wallet into the bank application will also simplify the tax return process.

In order to benefit from the services, it is necessary to deposit at least 10 thousand dollars or the equivalent of euros and Swiss francs into the account.


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