Cryptocurrency valued as the Corona Virus spreads: CoronaCoin


A company has developed a new cryptocurrency where the Corona virus indexes its prevalence. This cryptocurrency called “CoronaCoin” has an algorithm that can be valued as the Corona virus continues to spread. Announced on Reddit, CoronaCoin was reacted by some users.

Cryptocurrencies have gained serious popularity in recent years, although they have been in our lives for many years. The valuation of Bitcoin, the father of cryptocurrencies, and various cryptocurrency projects launched on it continue to attract investors’ attention. Although some cryptocurrency projects are disappointing, Bitcoin seems to have no intention of simply disappearing.

The world’s agenda is now the Corona virus, which originates in China. The virus has cost 1,874 lives as of today. A company aware of this situation announced that it has developed a cryptocurrency indexed to Corona virus. The announcement via Reddit encountered some users’ reaction.

The developer team named this cryptocurrency “CoronaCoin”. CoronaCoin has an algorithm that can be valued more as the Corona virus continues to spread. This is the reason why some Reddit users oppose this project. Because while the Corona virus continues to die, the value of CoronaCoin will increase and its investor will be rich.

CoronaCoin is launched on the Ethereum basis. The developer company says its main purpose for this cryptocurrency is to raise awareness. The team, which carries out its work in this context, has developed an algorithm that reduces the supply of CoronaCoin and continuously utilizes current data as the Corona Virus spreads. This algorithm makes CoronaCoin even more inaccessible as the Corona virus continues to spread.

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The loss of people because of the Corona virus indicates that this cryptocurrency will be valued more. However, thousands of coins have entered the cryptocurrency market so far. Today, even a large part of these coins is forgotten. Time will tell if CoronaCoin is really a cryptocurrency or clearly “shit coin”.


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