Cryptocurrency Theft Attempt: Exploded In Your Hands


An attempt to steal the Bitcoin ATM in Canada has failed terribly. Canadian police are investigating the attempt, which presented an unsuccessful effort to steal a Bitcoin ATM.

On Wednesday, October 7th, in Kelowna, Canada, two unidentified suspects drove a van into a local business building and tried to steal a Bitcoin ATM, Vernon Morning Star reported. The criminals unsuccessfully attempted to enter before disappearing from the scene at night.

According to the Kelowna RCMP, the exterior of the property suffered extensive and costly explosive damage due to the incident. However, a spokesperson for the local police department stated that nothing was actually received, including the Bitcoin cash machine in question. A preliminary assessment by on-site staff shows that despite thousands of dollars in damage, nothing was taken from inside the business as the suspects failed to get the Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin Is A Popular Target For Criminals

As a magnet for criminals, Bitcoin ATMs are a popular target. In January, two thieves broke into a store in Philadelphia and used a crowbar to extract a box of money from a Bitcoin machine. Ironically, the two thugs ignored a traditional ATM that would bring them a much bigger booty. Given that ATMs are completely anonymous, according to the 2018 Bloomberg report, they are also actively used for money laundering. However, the number of Bitcoin ATMs continues to grow, surpassing 10,000 machines last month.

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