Cryptocurrency report from the US Secretary of Justice


The US Department of Justice released a report showing the “dangers” of cryptocurrencies and how they should be eliminated.

Confusion continues, especially in developed western countries regarding cryptocurrencies. In the US, the regulatory agency OCC gave banks the right to store cryptocurrency in July. Despite this major development, US Attorney General William Barr published a report showing the dangers posed by cryptocurrencies.

The 83-page report outlines how cryptocurrencies are used by criminals:

“Few technologies today can transform faster and are more destructive than cryptocurrencies. Despite its short history, cryptocurrency technologies are seen significantly in the most important criminal events faced by the USA and threats to national security. The use of cryptocurrencies is increasing in money laundering, drug purchases on the internet and funding terrorist groups. ”

While the report mentions the criticism of cryptocurrencies such as the purchase of drugs, child pornography and weapons over the internet for years, the fact that all these are done using more cash, according to official figures, seems to be omitted. Because most of the cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are traded in open-source wallets in a transparent system.

“Useful if used wisely”

In his report, the Minister also stated that cryptocurrencies are important for the United States and its allies as long as they do not threaten national security and are used ‘smart’, but to ensure public and national security, people from regulators to authorized persons and individual cryptocurrency users take the necessary steps to prevent illegal use of this technology. It was stated that it should take.

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