Cryptocurrency payment has started to be accepted at the 5-star hotel!


The famous 5-star hotel located close to the Alps in Sweden has decided to accept payment with crypto money. Cryptocurrencies have been on the agenda of the financial and technology world for a while.

Especially on the financial agenda, it is frequently discussed whether cryptocurrencies are an investment tool or a payment method. While these discussions continue, the fact that large companies such as Walmart accept payments with crypto money is shaping the discussions. A new name that has started to accept payments with cryptocurrencies is a 5-star hotel in Sweden.

5-star hotel in Sweden starts accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum

The acceptance of cryptocurrencies as payment methods also increases their value. If you remember, it was claimed last month that Amazon would accept payments in cryptocurrencies at the end of the year, and even the mere claim of this made BTC appreciate a few thousand dollars. The luxury hotel The Chedi Andermatt hotel, which is located very close to the Alps in Sweden, now accepts payments with Bitcoin and Ethereum. If they are not a giant company, this is a bold step for the island’s tourism industry.

If the fee to be paid by those who want to stay in the 123-room luxury hotel exceeds 200 Swedish Francs, they will be able to choose Bitcoin or Ethereum as the payment method. It is also known that this decision has not been newly put on the table. According to company officials, the idea of ​​accepting payments with crypto money has been discussed for 4 years.

Considering that the price of a double room in the hotel starts at around $500 per night, the decision is a logical move to attract cryptocurrency millionaires to the hotel.

Is paying with cryptocurrencies becoming common?

According to the report in El Salvador, where Bitcoin is accepted as the official currency, almost all of the entrepreneurs do not want cryptocurrencies. According to the comment from the IMF, this is because the infrastructure for crypto money POS incurs an additional cost and requires some new technical requirements.

One of the biggest obstacles to cryptocurrencies not being a means of payment is that their values ​​can be very volatile. In particular, tradesmen do not want to see that the 10 dollar payment they receive in the morning is 8 dollars in the evening due to Elon Musk’s tweet.

Although it is a big step for The Chedi Andermatt to accept payment with crypto money for the tourism sector, we are also curious about the new developments that we will hear in the coming days.

Do you think cryptocurrencies are a payment tool or an investment tool?


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