Cryptocurrency Broker Leaves Brazil And Announces Withdrawal Date


Cryptocurrency: Cryptoactive broker Coinbene announced this Monday (18) that it will no longer operate in Brazilian territory. The company has offered cryptocurrency purchase and sale services in the country since 2018.

According to the brand’s official statement, the reason involves “well-known political reasons” coming from the government of China, Coinbene’s homeland. The country began to restrict the operation of brokers and the sale of cryptocurrencies.

As Coinbene’s technical and innovation part is located in China, the company is now unable to continue operating at full capacity in various parts of the world, including the Brazilian territory.

Write it down in the diary

The entire Brazilian operation, including financial activities and customer support, will end on November 31, 2021. This means that withdrawals of cryptoactives and currencies must be carried out in reais by this deadline.

“Thanks to the trust of all users over the past 4 years, our belief in the Blockchain will never disappear, and we believe cryptocurrencies will continue to change the world,” the statement said.


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