Cryptocurrencies are pushing Europol


The European Union Police Service (Europol) emphasized in the ‘Internet Organized Crime and Threat Report’ prepared for 2020 that popular cryptocurrency wallets that increase privacy and technologies that provide this are the biggest threat.

The EU’s police force stated that privacy-oriented wallet services (Wasabi and Samourai [sic] wallets) and mixers using the CoinJoin concept are top threats. The institution had published a similar report in June.

It was stated that the elements shown as threats in the report are using more and more hardware wallets to store their funds.

Decentralized markets also threatened

In Europol’s report, it was emphasized that decentralized markets are also among high priority threats, and the name OpenBazaar (Açıkpazar), developed by the crypto money software company OB1, is also used on the company’s mobile platform called Haven and has been downloaded thousands of times on the Android system:

“Criminals started using privacy-focused and decentralized platforms like OpenBazaar and to sell their illegal goods”

OB1 CEO Brian Hoffman, who made a statement to CoinDesk, stated that OB1 has developed only a search engine for OpenBazaar and every product that does not comply with the law and “app store” rules in Haven is filtered by the system. However, Hoffman also added that OpenBazaar is available to everyone and there is no system or brokerage to remove it before product lists are published.

“Bitcoin is still the darkweb’s most important payment tool”

In Europol’s report, Bitcoin’s; It was stated to be the most popular tool for payments on the dark web due to its wide adoption rate, awareness and ease of use. We were informed that the privacy-focused currency Monero is also used seriously due to this feature, and Zcash and Dash have followed it:

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“These privacy coins are the biggest obstacle against legal proceedings and sanctions”


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