Crypto Money Wallet Trezor Releases Desktop Application


Providing wallet service for cryptocurrencies, Trezor released the Trezor Suite desktop application, which makes hardware wallets more secure and unlimited.

Trezor, which was developed by SathoshiLabs and offers users the opportunity to use the hardware wallet and portfolio together, stated in a blog post that they are working to make hardware wallets a more secure and unlimited experience. In the article, it was stated that Trezor Suite, which continues to develop with user-friendly interface and features so that everyone can easily perform their operations, is still in beta version, and it was emphasized that more efficiency will be seen in Trezor ecosystem with Trezor Suite.

User Friendly, Safe and Confidential

It was announced that the Trezor Suite desktop application, which provides the service to manage the crypto money wallet and portfolio at the same time, provides users with complete assurance. With this desktop application, it is stated that the risk of information theft arising from phishing attacks encountered by a browser-based hardware wallet is eliminated.

Stating that Trezor Suite is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems in the published article, Trezor announced that users can now control everything from one place.

Working on a smart user interface design and new tools to improve user experience and performance, Trezor said that more exciting and sophisticated features will be added to the application in the near future.

Trezor also announced that many improvements will be made in the beta process and the browser-based Trezor Wallet will be removed from use after the release of the full version.

Trezor, which plans to announce the full version of the application in January 2021, will offer a mobile application to users next year.

He faced security gaps

Earlier this year, the security report published by Kraken Security Labs mentioned an important vulnerability in Trezor wallets. The report, which stated that there was a significant hardware deficiency as a result of the tests performed on Trezor One and Trezor T model wallets, announced that it is possible to leak into wallets.

The Trezor team, which confirmed this vulnerability after a short time, immediately started working and made the Trezor Suite application available to users.


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