Crypto Money Statement: We Are Not Responsible


YouTube responded to a cryptocurrency lawsuit filed a few months ago, and announced that YouTube cannot be held liable for crypto money frauds that have returned on the platform.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse shared a post on his Twitter account in April and said he is now tired of crypto money scams on YouTube. Garlinghouse, who also found YouTube guilty of these scams, decided to file a lawsuit against YouTube with his team.

In this lawsuit filed in April, hundreds of different examples were introduced. Brad Garlinghouse and other team members shared the information of at least 305 different channels trying to fool people by imitating Ripple or directly to Brad Garlinghouse on YouTube.

Response from YouTube

YouTube’s lawyers responded to Brad Garlinghouse’s trial in April and announced that YouTube cannot be held responsible for crypto money frauds on the platform. YouTube’s lawyers are suggesting the Communications Decency Act, which came into force in 1996 at this point.

This law, approved by the US Congress, was prepared to regulate the content on the Internet. Today, we know that article 230 of this law is used frequently. Because this item; He states that intermediary platforms such as YouTube cannot be held responsible for the content on their platform.

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YouTube lawyers also referred to this article in the case Ripple filed against YouTube. Because this article may be predicted, it may indicate that YouTube is not responsible for crypto money scams on YouTube.


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