Crypto Money Scams Also Hit by Covid-19!

While the value of cryptocurrencies decreased with Kovid-19, the number of people who came to the games of fraudsters using the crypto money sector also decreased significantly. According to a new study published by Chainalysis, the revenue of crypto money ponzi structures has decreased by 33% since March 8, from $ 4.2 million to $ 2.9 million.

Despite this, there is an increase in the number of phishing, blackmail and e-mail spam scams after the coronavirus epidemic. The main reason for this is known as fraudsters, whose income decreased due to coronavirus, to try to balance it with new methods.

In fact, people were expected to invest more in cryptocurrency ponzi structures at the time of such a crisis. Ponzies’ offering too high return on investment could cause citizens struggling with the crisis to choose them as guarantee returns. Nevertheless, the emerging suspect situation and ponzi structures are now recognized, which may be among the factors that helped the decline.

The chart above, published by Chainalysis, reveals the reduction in the value of cryptocurrencies sent to the top 20 investment fraud structures. The Kovid-19 crisis may have even helped crypto investors this way.

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