Crypto Money Monero Mining can be done with HTC Exodus Smartphones


Thanks to the DeMiner application, which is being developed with an announcement from HTC, it has been announced that Monero (XMR) crypto money can be used and XMR mining can be done on Exodus smartphones.

Smartphone maker HTC has recently announced its blockchain-based smartphones Exodus 1 and its smaller-equipped brother, Exodus 1s. With the announcement made today from HTC, it has been announced that the monero cryptocurrency will be allowed to be used in Exodus, which are blockchain-based smartphones.

HTC has partnered with chip design company Midas Lab to use moneron in Exodus. The two companies are developing an application called DeMiner so that the moneron can be used in Exodus. Moreover, this application will be much more than a standard crypto wallet.

XMR mining will be possible with DeMiner
The DeMiner application will enable the use of cryptocurrency moneron as well as cryptocurrency mining. However, when the phone is not plugged in or when the phone is used, cryptocurrency mining will be disabled. Thus, there will be no loss of power and performance.

Phil Chen, from HTC, said that with DeMiner, XMR mining will become more local and its cost will decrease. Chen stated that cryptocurrency mining is in the hands of huge pools, the way to eliminate this problem and make mining more accessible is mobile devices. Chen added that the implementation of DeMiner will encourage people to cryptocurrency mining and make the cost of mining affordable.

Costs of XMR mining will decrease
In the statement made by Midas Lab about DeMiner, it is said that XMR mining has a high cost now. In the statement made, it was stated that XMR mining worth 0.06 dollars per day can be done by spending 65W energy with laptops. At this level, XMR mining costs the user $ 0.156 per day. Therefore, mining brings loss instead of profit.

Jri Lee, founder and CEO of Midas Lab, explained that with the DeMiner application, Exodus 1s users will earn an average of $ 0.0038 per day, and they can continue this business at half the cost.


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