Crypto Money Giant KuCoin Opens NFT Exchange


Huge crypto currency exchange KuCoin has announced that it plans to open an NFT exchange in the next few months. With this move of KuCoin, it is thought that the use of NFT tokens, which are now in the center of attention of more collectors, will become widespread.

NFTs, known as non-fungible tokens, are known as special cryptographic tokens, which are very important especially for collectors. In the statement made by KuCoin on November 13, it was announced that a deposit system for Dego.Finance NFT assets could be made on November 16 and withdrawal of these assets on November 20 through its own liquidity transaction platform Pool-X.

KuCoin CEO: “We will do more to build a rich NFT world.”

Johnny Lyu, CEO of the giant cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, also made some statements on the subject. Stating that KuCoin pays great attention to the NFT market, Lyu continued his statements as follows:

“Although there is not enough interest in the market for NFTs right now, the potential of NFTs is great. NFTs can even create a virtual world on the blockchain in the future. For this reason, we launched the NFT Trading Board to facilitate users’ investment in NFT. In addition, we donated 100,000 KCS to Dego.Finance for the development of the project. We will do more to solve the problems encountered in the NFT space and to build a rich NFT world. ”

NFTs have rich application areas in different fields such as collections and artworks. Their unique and indivisible nature has created a separate mass of their own in the crypto money market. With this move of KuCoin, it is thought that it will become an important resource in the spread of NFT tokens, many of which are unfamiliar with on-chain transactions, and in improving their liquidity.

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NFT data increased

PR Newswire reported the report published by the NFT data analysis website on the use of NFT. Accordingly, in the first half of 2020, NFT transaction volume has increased by 300% annually to 230 million. It was announced that there was a 5.7% increase in the number of active users and the number of users reached 78,881.


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