Crypto Money Community Chooses Ethereum Killer Project


Omar Bham (@ crypt0snews), one of the popular names of the cryptocurrency community, conducted a survey on his Twitter account and asked his followers to choose the “Ethereum killer” project. Recently popular projects Polkadot, Avalanche and Cardano were on the survey list. Bham also added the item “other” among the options, asking his followers to write which project they preferred as a comment.

Recently, popular projects are viewed as “Ethereum killer”. Some names from the cryptocurrency community think these efforts will outpace the Ethereum network in the future.

Will Polkadot Pass Ethereum?

Polkadot, who received 43.3% of the 28 thousand 641 votes, was elected as the Ethereum killer as a result of the survey conducted by Bham. Avalanche, who fought head to head with Polkadot, received 40.7% of the vote. Apart from that, Cardano got 9.4% and the other option got 6.7%. Users’ comments included projects such as DigiByte, Constellation, Zilliqa and Elastos.

What is Polkadot? What Does It Do?

Polkadot is a next generation blockchain protocol that connects multiple private blockchains into a single unified network. Designed as part of a broad web vision that returns control over internet monopolies to individuals, Polkadot delivers the revolutionary promises of previous blockchain networks while offering several key benefits.

Polkadot offers many important benefits for the blockchain network. Polkadot, which makes important studies especially for scaling, is seen as a successful project in this regard. Isolated blockchains can only handle a limited amount of traffic. Polkadot is a fragmented multi-chain network, meaning it can process many transactions in multiple chains in parallel and eliminate bottlenecks that occur in legacy networks that process transactions one by one. This parallel processing power significantly increases scalability and creates the right conditions for further adoption and future growth.

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