Crypto Money Call from Ripple CEO to US Regulators


Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, behind the world’s fourth-largest cryptocurrency XRP by total market value, was added to the US government by adding a new one to his previous statements. Garlinghouse stated that US regulators should listen to the cryptocurrency sector, especially after news that China is approaching to release its own digital money.

China may leave the USA behind
Garlinghouse stated in his tweets that he is currently the best time to enter the digital money industry. Stating that lagging behind left the USA behind and pushed it out of competition, Garlinghosue stated that China is getting stronger day by day in terms of both crypto and fiat payments.

Indeed, it is known that China’s digital currency has come to an end, and it is very important that this is the first super-power to release its own digital currency. If China succeeds in shaking the throne of the US Dollar with this initiative, economic balances can be expected to change significantly.

U.S. congressional members also received calls on Digital Dollars, but nobody from the FED or government has yet made a positive return.


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