Crypto Money Award to Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star name of Juventus, received 770 JUV tokens before the match played on Sunday. Ronaldo became the first football player in the world to receive an award with cryptocurrency, with the tokens he received before the Benevento match.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in the Cagliari match on March 14, bringing the total number of goals he scored in his career to 770. The 36-year-old star outnumbered Pele, who had traveled 767.

Received 770 Juventus tokens

Juventus President Andrea Angelli gifted him a shirt that reads “G.O.A.T 770” to congratulate Ronaldo. Another gift given to Ronaldo was 770 Juventus fan tokens (JUV), according to Marca. users can interact with the club using JUV tokens.

The JUV token, which entered the market at $ 2, is sold at $ 15.04 at the current price. The total value of the tokens awarded to Ronaldo as a reward is $ 11,580.

Fan tokens of Juventus and in addition to clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, were developed by Chiliz. Chiliz’s own crypto currency, CHZ, has gained 934% in 30 days and is trading at $ 0.558.



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