Crypto Money Attack on Indian Prime Minister


In recent weeks, there has been a huge hacking scandal on Twitter, more than 100 accounts have been seized and used for cryptocurrency fraud. According to the news of T24, now Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been hacked. Twitter has announced that an investigation has been launched regarding the issue.

Indian Prime Minister Modi’s account remained in the hands of hackers for about half an hour. Hackers tweeted about donating Bitcoin from the account. The following expressions were used in the tweets:

“This Twitter account has been taken over by John Wick. I generously invite you all to donate to the Prime Minister National Covid-19 fund. India is starting the cryptocurrency era. ”

Could they raise money?

Hackers published 2 different cryptocurrency addresses on the account. One of these addresses was Bitcoin (BTC) and the other was Ethereum (ETH). However, hackers do not seem to have collected much crypto money as a result of this attack. When we look at the current situation, we see that about 0.00000000 BTC and 0.0000696969 ETH have been collected.

As we have previously reported, Twitter was attacked a few weeks ago and cryptocurrency was requested from accounts such as Elon Musk, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Hackers had collected about 100 thousand dollars of crypto money with this attack.

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