Crypto Money Alert from China Central Bank!


A warning about cryptocurrencies immediately came from the central bank of China, which has just begun to overcome the coronavirus crisis.

It was known that in the days when the use of cash was troubled and the quarantine was dominant, a lot of people invested in crypto money or transferred money with crypto money. The Bank of China, in its announcement from the official WeChat account, stressed that cryptocurrencies host a lot of manipulative transactions.

Chinese officials also stated that the transaction volume in many crypto exchanges did not reflect the truth and that the exchanges were created by their own trading bots. Although the cryptocurrency market is known to be a very active market in liquidity and volume, the recent decline caused serious damage to this status.

China Central Bank also pointed out that there is low liquidity in the crypto markets and stated that people should use nominal money.

It is a matter of curiosity how many people will consider these warnings.


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