Crypto miners manage to crack RTX 3060


Stock issues still persist in the graphics card market. NVIDIA came up with a solution last month to this situation, where the players rebelled. The US manufacturer lowered the mining performance of the RTX 3060 graphics card. The GeForce RTX 3060, which can normally deliver performance at levels of 40-45 MH / s, pulled the cryptocurrency mining performance to 20-25 MH / s.

Mining limitation for RTX 3060 did not last long

A Twitter user @I_Leak_VN removed this limit set by NVIDIA. The user stated that using a special method called “Chinese mode”, the RTX 3060 graphics card returned the mining performance to normal. He shared a photo showing that he was digging with a performance value of 45 MH / s.

Similar posts continue to spread on social media. A Facebook user who said that the RTX 3060 graphics card has lifted the restriction on mining performance, said that it has managed to increase the performance of the card to 50 MH / s. The details regarding the mentioned “Chinese mode” remain unclear for now.

RTX 3080 Ti is also expected to be a limitation

NVIDIA’s new high-end graphics card RTX 3080 Ti is also expected to be subject to cryptocurrency restrictions. According to shared information, the hash performance of the card will be halved during Ethereum mining. Ethereum, which has been on the rise in recent months, has caused many miners to set their sights here.

On the other hand, the first leaks for the card were that it would host 20 GB GDDR6X VRAM support. However, due to stock shortages, the card is also on the agenda. In this context, NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti is expected to be released with 12 GB GDDR6X VRAM support.