Crypto Millionaire Who Says “Don’t Buy SHIB” Announces 6 Altcoins in His Basket!


Grant Sabatier, a podcaster, entrepreneur, and author of Financial Freedom, says the best way to invest in cryptocurrencies is to limit it to 5% or less of your net worth. Grant Sabatier also recommends keeping a diversified portfolio, staying away from meme coins like SHIB, and shares the secrets of investing in the crypto universe. We have compiled the interview given by Grant Sabatier for Somanews readers with his own narration.

A lot has changed since I first invested in Bitcoin

Not only has the value exploded, but the number of cryptocurrencies you can invest in has also increased. The options are huge and there are now more altcoins than all Bitcoin will ever exist. You can invest in almost any cryptocurrency or token on any subject. Would you like to own a virtual land in Decentraland? Check out MANA. Would you like to invest in Defi? Look at SOL or ETH. There are an endless number of use cases for crypto, and Web3 is accelerating nonstop.

Never before have you been able to become this rich with a few clicks of your phone in the middle of the night. But I’m sure you know there is huge volatility in the crypto markets. Chances are won and lost in minutes. There are also a ton of scams out there. In just the past few weeks, SQUID, a token marketed as an invitation to a future game modeled after the popular Netflix show Squid Games, was actually a ‘rug pull’ in which the creator of a currency cashed in and disappeared. In this case, investors lost more than $2 million.

Invest based on these criteria, not cryptos like SHIB

1. Limit your purchasing status to 5% or less of your net worth

While I am optimistic about blockchain technology and believe it is the future, it is too soon to risk too much to invest in any cryptocurrency. I see a lot of investors putting all or most of their net worth in crypto. Every week I get emails from people who take out loans, get a second mortgage, or use their crypto assets to buy more crypto. This is dangerous and stupid. Why do you risk your life safety and freedom so much in a single investment?

Would you bet your financial life on a coin toss, even though some will make him rich? I have great faith in risk taking, but risk needs to be calculated. It makes no sense to invest more than 5% of your net worth in crypto. Even less if you’re just starting out. You should invest most of your money in historically more predictable asset classes such as stocks, bonds and real estate. You can certainly invest more in crypto as your net worth grows and learn more, but you need to feel comfortable with the risk. Are your crypto assets keeping you up at night? Would your life be ruined if your crypto portfolio went to $0? Then you’ve probably invested too much.