Crypto Michael: Volatility After $ 10,200 in Bitcoin


Michael van de Poppe, also known as “full-time cryptocurrency analyst and trader,” explained when the long-awaited big moves could be seen on the Bitcoin chart in his current video.

Volatility Increases After $ 10,200 in Bitcoin

Crypto Michael, as he used on Twitter, stated that Bitcoin, which has been silent for a long time, can display very harsh movements after reaching $ 10,200 resistance. Stating that Bitcoin got rid of the descending formation and ended this movement, the analyst stated that the course will gradually change.

Stating that Bitcoin will test similar points on the same chart, the analyst underlined that the $ 10,200 and $ 9,000 levels are very important. Analyst stressed that Bitcoin should not lose $ 9,160 support, and that is the most important point now. Stating that otherwise, the bear market may be experienced again, Michael explained that in such a case, the price would throw an 8,000 dollar band needle.

Experienced name that also interprets the Altcoin market, emphasized that as long as Bitcoin is under $ 10,000, altcoins will not be under any pressure and the price may continue to rise. Altcoins have been on the agenda with serious rises especially in recent months and the increase experienced by Cardano and Chainlink has completely regretted Bitcoin investors.

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