Crypto Michael Expects Increase in Bitcoin Price


Crypto commentator Michael van de Poppe thinks that the price of Bitcoin may rise again soon.Michael van de Poppe, better known as Crypto Michael on social media, has released a new YouTube video about the cryptocurrency market.

Evaluating the course of Bitcoin and altcoins, Crypto Michael thinks the market is in good condition for now.

Can Rise Again

Bitcoin price has risen above $ 9,300 in recent hours, re-hoping some investors. Crypto Michael also thinks that the downward trend in Bitcoin price may have ended and this rise in Bitcoin price may continue.

Bitcoin’s volatility has dropped incredibly over the past few weeks. So much so that Bitcoin, which is generally known for price fluctuations, is now surprisingly stable. But Crypto Michael thinks this situation can change and Bitcoin can move towards $ 9,550.

Crypto Michael, who says that he currently has a bullish attitude towards Bitcoin; He says that with the fluctuation of the Bitcoin price, altcoins may also be seen. But at least for now, Michael van de Poppe seems not sure if the mobility in altcoins will be positive or negative.

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