Crypto Giant Chainalysis Awaits $ 1 Billion Valuation


Gronager, CEO of Chainalysis, a New York-based compliance and research company, one of the most important companies in the blockchain industry, made some statements to Forbes. Galinger confirmed that they expect to raise a new $ 100 million in venture capital within the scope of their announcements.

The final point regarding the Chainalysis rumors known to have been circulating in the cryptocurrency industry for days was made by the company’s CEO, Michael Gronager. Gronager made a special statement on the issue and announced that they expect a valuation of $ 1 billion within the next week. It was stated that the valuation will be experienced with the addition of the Addition brand, which is affiliated to an investment company named Tiger Global, to the Series C (Series C) fund.

Chainalysis was on the Forbes list

Gronager could not share with Forbes how much turnover Chainalysis has. However, according to analysis with publicly available data, the company earned $ 8 million in 2018. Gronager stated that company revenues increased by approximately 96% compared to last year, while revenues are expected to double in 2022.

The Series C fund launched by the firm is expected to follow its previous counterpart, Series B fund, and increase the total investment to $ 166 million. Due to its potential, Chainalysis was the first cryptocurrency company to be included in Forbes’ “Next Billion Dollar Startups” list in 2019. It is known that the company, which currently has 200 people, plans to double the number of employees in 2021 with the growth.

Serving 350 customers

Crypto money giant Chainalysis is the company known for its activities to prevent these crimes, as well as to determine the crimes that affect the industry. Developing KYT (Know Your Transaction) system in August 2019, Chainalysis started to offer solutions aiming to simplify blockchain analysis. In addition, he launched a program called Market Intel last July, strengthening the analysis mechanisms in the cryptocurrency industry to another level.

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Chainalysis is known to serve a total of 350 customers, including state governments and private institutions in the US. The security company, which helped identify the illegal practices of cryptocurrency users, also conducted some studies with the US Department of Justice this month.


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