Crypto fund loses half of millions of dollars


The crypto investment fund Neural Capital, established in the madness period of 2017, closed after it lost half of all its money.

Neural Capital, an investment fund focused on cryptocurrency trading, closed quietly.

The fund processed in 2017 has lost half of its money since then and is currently in the process of paying the remaining amount to its investors.

According to CoinDesk, sources say that the fund’s crypto assets were liquidated in December, and some cash is now locked and this will take longer than expected.

He managed more than $ 13 million

According to financial records, Neural Capital managed over $ 13 million in more than 40 investors, including Greylock partner Joshua Elman and Expa partner Hooman Radfar.

The fund canceled its registration at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in December and also stopped sending mandatory files to the state of California this year.

It was founded in the madness period of 2017

Founded in the cryptocurrency spree in 2017, the fund will be added next to Adaptive Capital, Prime Factor Capital and Tetras Capital, which closed in just 3 years.

Fund executives Arij ‘Ari’ Nazir and Christopher Keshian were inexperienced in the financial investment fund industry and were interested in multiple funds when they launched Neural Capital.

While managing the dual fund, they were also consulting a multiple cryptocurrency corporate investment company called Protocol Ventures, including Neural Capital.

Keshian also founded Apex Capital with Joseph Bradley, Neural Capital’s investment relations manager. Later, Apex Capital failed to meet the minimum deposit fund requirements and remained a failed project.

According to Coindesk’s claim, the gap between Keshian and Nazir broke down in 2019 and Keshian left Neural Capital. Keshian stated in his statement that he has never met Nazir since then. Nazir made a statement on the subject.


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