Crypto Fans Built Elon Mask a statue of his head in the rain flying on a rocket


Cryptocurrency company $EGT is hoping to deliver the “historical gift” to Musk this weekend.

Elon Musk’s “superfanates” have funded a new statue depicting the Twitter owner’s head on the body of a Doge Shiba Inu coin riding on a rocket.

According to Consequence, the cryptocurrency company $EGT, which means Elon Goat Token, raised $600,000 (£501,796) to create a monument “in honor of [Musk’s] many achievements and commitment to cryptocurrency.”

A message on its website reads: “The Elon GOAT token really went beyond the standard and did what no other crypto project dared to do.”

The statue was designed by Danny Wang and built by Canadian metal sculptors Kevin Stone and Michelle Stone for nine months, according to “Interesting Design”. The Mask’s head alone is six feet tall.

Ilon Goat Token announced that the statue will be delivered to the Mask at the Tesla Gigafactory near Austin, Texas, this Saturday (November 26). “We invite you to participate and join us to ask Elon to pick up this historic gift,” the company wrote.

“We believe that Elon’s potential acceptance of this biblical-sized gift could draw attention to $EGT and accelerate his various initiatives.”

The message added: “The future of $EGT is bright thanks to our ambitious plans to launch EGT PRO trading processing solutions in early 2023. We also believe that with proper execution, the subsequent launch on several centralized exchanges will take us to the top!”

More information about the event, dubbed “Goatsgiving in Austin”, can be found here. You can see a preview of the monument in the video above, which explains how to buy a goat Ilona token.

Last month, Musk — the richest man in the world — bought Twitter in a huge $44 billion (£38.7 billion) deal. Since then, he has been constantly criticized for a number of questionable decisions at the company, including the introduction of a paid subscription to Twitter Blue.

Musk laid off thousands of employees, and advertisers began to leave the platform en masse. It is reported that a few days after Musk came to power, hate speech on Twitter increased dramatically — for example, the use of the N-word increased by almost 500% within 12 hours.

In addition, Musk allegedly recently told the remaining Twitter employees that they should “work long hours with high intensity” or quit, which was soon followed by rumors about the collapse of the site.


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