Crypto Currency Exchange Liquid Has Been Hacked


Liquid exchange, which ranked 18th with its transaction volume, was hacked. The CEO of the exchange reported that the perpetrator of the hack attack, which was stated to be detected on November 13, was caught and the attack was taken under control.

The Singapore-based Liquid exchange announced it was hacked on November 13. It was stated that customer information may have been stolen as a result of the attack. Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori shared an informative article about the incident on Liquid’s blog. Kayamori said a provider in the system had mistakenly transferred their stock exchange information to the hacker. Thus, it was stated that the hacker had the opportunity to access private information such as e-mail and DNS records on the system.

According to Siliconangle’s report, the hacker failed to steal any money from the stock market. It was stated that Liquid closed access and prevented intrusions after detecting the attack. However, it has been learned that whether the hacker stole customer information in the Liquid database was also carefully examined.

Personal information may have been stolen

CEO Kayamori announced that the hacker was detected and promptly responded. Expressing that the necessary measures have been taken, the CEO said that crypto wallets are safe. However, he stated that the hacker believed that the personal information (name, surname, e-mail, address, passwords, etc.) most likely in the database was stolen. Kayamori advised users to change their passwords and credentials as soon as possible and asked for caution.

About the Liquid exchange

Founded in 2014, the crypto currency exchange is based in Singapore and has centers in Japan, Vietnam and the USA. The exchange, which enables blockchain-based global money transfers, ranks 18th among crypto money exchanges by volume. According to CoinGecko data, the 24-hour trading volume is at the level of $ 372 million and 73 cryptocurrencies and 165 pairs are listed on the exchange.


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