Crypto Coins Are Among The SEC’s Priorities This Year


The Investigation Department, affiliated with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has announced issues that will become a priority on its agenda this year. The announcement stated that financial innovations will be explored, including cryptocurrencies.

The SEC’s Investigation Department has grouped the topics it will investigate this year under eight different headings. Focusing on developments in the financial technology industry, the department will give priority to cryptocurrencies classified as digital assets.

Investor’s safety will be monitored

The SEC will audit fintech companies’ service to customers and their legal compliance. Inspection Department; It will evaluate “whether investors’ interests are being watched, portfolio management and trading operations, security of funds and assets belonging to customers, pricing and evaluation of digital assets” in the researches it will do on cryptocurrency.

As with other fintech companies, the legal compliance of companies operating in the cryptocurrency industry will be examined. The SEC Review Department will also monitor the non-business activities of individuals representing these companies.

Will try to mitigate the risks

Pete Driscoll, Director of the Investigation Department, stated that the priorities will be evaluated on a risk basis. It was stated that the main goal of the works to be carried out throughout the year is to “increase legal compliance and protect investors”.

The Review Department operating under SEC; It has missions such as protecting investors and ensuring market integrity. Authorities examine the risk level of companies falling within their jurisdiction and try to prevent fraud in the market.

Anti-money laundering programs were also among the priority topics this year.


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