Crypto Billionaire Identifies 3 Altcoins: They’re Going Giant!


FTX Co-Founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) shared his thoughts on three of the altcoin projects he finds most promising for this year. We, as, have compiled it for our readers.

Most promising altcoin projects for SBF: SOL, AVAX, WBTC

According to his bio, SBF, prior to FTX, was a trader at Jane Street Capital’s international ETF desk, where he traded various ETFs, futures, currencies and equities and designed the automated OTC trading system. He graduated from MIT with a degree in physics. The crypto billionaire commented on Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX) during a very interesting interview on the first episode of GM from Decrypt’s premium podcast, Decrypt. SBF made the following assessment about the altcoin project Solana, of which it has been a strong supporter for a long time:

It has done something that few Blockchain has ever thought of doing, which is scale. If you want industrial scale use, it’s one of those blockchains that has a really reasonable way forward from here to scale to the level you need to reach.

It’s a real Blockchain, it’s a cool Blockchain, the team knows their business and is working hard for it. I think there’s a world where it’s definitely getting huge.

During his interview with SBF, he also talked about Blockchain projects like Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC):

Wrappers in general will likely continue to grow over time. You have no choice but to dive deeper into ‘wrapper’ assets, as you have a distinction between Blockchains that have the ability to handle the activity requested of them and Blockchains on which value lives.