Crypto Billionaire Announces his new hunt: It’s an altcoin!


The company of cryptomillionaire Mark Cuban Fireside is launching a $100 million creative fund in partnership with the altcoin project SKALE Network (SKL), which will be partially provided in cryptocurrency.

Fireside Cooperates with the SKALE Network Altcoin Project

Founded by billionaire investor Mark Cuban, whom you know well from the news of Falcon Fatemi and Somagnews, the “platform for joint entertainment” Fireside cooperates with the Ethereum-based altcoin project SKALE Network within the framework of an “ecosystem fund” worth $ 100 million.

According to Fireside, grants from the fund will be provided both liquid and blocked, depending on the purpose and nature of the grant, including, but not limited to, tokens SKALE, Ethereum, USDC, bitcoin and fiat currency. Falon Fatemi says the following about this:

Launched last year and drawing an early comparison with Clubhouse, Fireside also allows content creators to interact with viewers while recording. “While the performances are recorded live, you can literally hear the laughter of the audience, their applause, their reaction, and you can also go on stage and take part in the show,” says Falon Fatemi.

What is Fireside going to do?

Describing the Fireside application and the NFT-based membership model, Falon Fatemi notes that NFT and blockchains are not mentioned anywhere, and community members do not need to know cryptography or Web3. “Under the hood, we have non—interchangeable tokens (NFT),” says SKALE co-founder Jack O’Halleran, a member of Fireside.

Falon Fatemi also notes that Fireside has also established partnerships with ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) services so that content can be distributed on devices and services like Samsung TV and Roku. Jack O’Halleran notes that content creation opportunities have traditionally been concentrated in large studios and networks, and then migrated to streaming services.