Crypo Whale predicts a sharp drop in Bitcoin price


Analyst: Bitcoin will drop to $ 2,000 on this date and then rise.

Crypto Whale, one of the well- known cryptocurrency analysts , thinks that the price of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin may decline sharply towards the end of the year and even exceed the previous bottom points.

The model, known as Fermions Flow (FF) , is known as an indicator focused on predicting exactly when the current bull run of Bitcoin price will end and the bottom level will come. According to current calculations, Crypto Whale emphasized that the decline in Bitcoin and the bear market could begin in the years approaching 2021.

BTC will drop to $ 2,000 and break a record afterwards

Stating that he has been trying to create this price determination model for the past six years, Crypto Whale states that despite the short term sharp decline, the long-term outlook is very positive. Stating that Bitcoin will reach a price of $ 24,000 by 2024 after retreating to the bottom of $ 2,000, the analyst also said that the model predicted every important Bitcoin movement that took place in the past two years.

There are very ambitious predictions about Bitcoin that target the coming years, and Crypto Whale’s forecast is one of them. Nevertheless, the strong volatility of the leading cryptocurrency and the manipulative movements of institutional investors suggest that this may not happen as predicted by the indicator or indicators, even if the estimates are correct.

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