“Crying”: Kim Gloss’s birth as Emperor was an emotional experience


Kim Gloss (30) was able to enjoy childbirth! The influencer has just become a mom again. She already has a daughter, Amelia, from the former Rocco Stark (36), and with her new husband, Alexander Belyakin, she was able to welcome the girl into the world again. For the birth, the former DSDS candidates chose a special process — and the birth of the emperor was something special for Kim!

The influencer published a detailed report on the birth on his YouTube channel. She said that she deliberately chose a doctor who offers a caesarean section, that is, a planned caesarean section, when parents can observe how a child appears, despite the operation. “It was super emotional, I’ll tell you, and that’s why I did it over and over again […] You’re not thinking about anything at the moment. I was crying. It was so emotional,” Kim recalled a special moment.

The birth of a child also seemed overwhelming for Kim’s lover, Alex: “My husband froze, I didn’t hear anything from him,” the 30-year-old said. She has never seen her lover like this, because he probably doesn’t like to give up control. When little Golda was there, they were allowed to go straight to Mom and cuddle with her and dad.


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